Our Mission

A Cooperative Platform

Marco is an ambitious start-up launching a new online marketplace built on community and cooperation. Marco is working to platform and promote the unique values and superior quality of cooperative businesses through e-commerce.

We are committed to shaping our platform around the open participation of producers and consumer members. We believe that when our members get a say in how the market is run that everyone benefits.

Community Roots

With the rise of cold e-commerce giants like Amazon, local economies and human connections have been severed from us with no recourse. As it goes, when there’s an unmet, collective need, we form a co-op.

By connecting consumers to social businesses that treat them as intelligent and informed individuals, we can overcome consumerism and reshape our economy from the bottom up through the power of collective buying.

Solidarity Ownership
By basing our business in multi-stakeholder collective ownership, we can guarantee that the places we buy from and the goods we consume can’t be corrupted by greed. More than that, we can get back our connections to who we buy from.
We place workers, producers, and consumers in democratic control of our enterprise.